Oven Repair Service

Your oven is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It provides that perfect holiday meal and gives you the ability to feed your family on a typical day. Without it, you’d have to survive on fast food and pizza delivery.

While the kids may enjoy this concept, you know that having a functional oven means you can provide healthy meals for your family. If it stops working properly, it’s a major issue and you need an appliance repair company near you for a top appliance repair.

At South Florida Best Appliance & AC Repair, we provide full oven repair services, whether you have a gas or an electric oven. Our highly skilled appliance repair specialists will arrive fast and get you back to preparing your favorite food in no time. Call us when you need our help in fixing your oven!

Common Oven Issues Requiring Repair

Gas and electric ovens are household appliances and once in a while they need to be serviced and repaired. When you need an emergency oven repair, you will search for an affordable appliance repair company providing professional services.

Some problems with ovens are more common than others. If you’re dealing with one of the customary oven issues found below, call South Florida Best Appliance & AC Repair at 954-701-1400.

Your Gas Burner Won’t Ignite

Various reasons can cause your gas burner to stop igniting. One of them can be food debris on the burner that won’t light properly. Filling up the sink with hot water and cleaning grates and burners could solve that problem.

When the burner won’t light and you know it’s not a result of a power outage, you need to call an appliance repair service quickly. Gas appliances can be dangerous if you try to work on them yourself. Hiring a trained professional for a gas oven repair would be your best choice.

Your Oven isn’t Producing Heat

Some ovens will not produce enough heat to prepare food. If it’s a gas oven, it could be a faulty igniter, while an electric oven could be having an issue with the heating element.

With an electric oven, you may need to get a heating element replaced. At South Florida Best Appliance & AC Repair, we offer a full line of oven repair services including replacing heating elements and igniters. If your oven won’t produce heat anymore, let one of our qualified appliance repair technicians diagnose and fix the issue for you.

The Oven Doesn’t Self Clean

Many recently manufactured ovens on the market have self-cleaning options, where they can clean themselves in the right setting. If you have a self-cleaning oven and it won’t do its job, check if the controls are set on the proper settings.

If you are still having an issue, call a professional appliance repair specialist at 954-701-1400. You may need to have the door lock motor, switch, thermostat or a control board replaced.

Your Oven Door Won’t Shut

Oven Repair Service

Sometimes oven doors simply won’t shut. When this is the case, unplug the oven and turn off the gas, in a case of a gas oven.

Inspect the door for broken door springs or issues with the hinges. In addition, you can try replacing the rubber gasket or silicone around the door.

When the door won’t shut, you will likely need a reliable appliance repair company for a quality oven repair. At South Florida Best Appliance & AC Repair, we provide full oven repairs for both gas and electric ovens. We provide appliance repair services for Miami/Dade, Broward counties, and Boca Raton.

No matter the issue you might be having with your oven, our team of qualified appliance repair specialists are ready to help. We provide emergency appliance repair service, along with the same-day appliance repair. Call us today at 954-701-1400!