Washer Repair Service

Washing machines aren’t perfect. They break down, fail to spin, don’t drain, leak and have other issues needing to be repaired. When you need washer repair services, you want the best technician on the job.

At South Florida Best Appliance & AC Repair, we provide highly experienced and well-trained professionals ready to help with a washer repair. Even if it’s an emergency, we will respond fast and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Common Issues with Washer Requiring Repair

Washers tend to suffer from many different issues requiring repairs. Some issues are easy to fix and you may be able to figure out yourself. Other issues require a professional washer repair technician to handle the job.
We fix all common and uncommon problems with your washer including all the possible issues listed below.

Washer Out of Balance

When a washer goes out of balance, it may sound like it’s going to climb out of your laundry room or take off like a rocket. This very common issue may be caused by overloading the machine, but it can also be caused by many other possible dilemmas.

If your washer begins to shake, vibrate and/or move, it may be due to the feet not being properly positioned. Another common cause of this issue is the washer isn’t level. When dealing with this type of problem with your washer, you should call a trained washer repair technician to diagnose it fully.

Noisy Washer

If your washer starts creating a gurgling, clicking, buzzing, or humming noise, you may be dealing with specific difficulties, which a washer repair technician can fix. Gurgling usually indicated an issue with the drain line, while clicking may indicate you have an object lodged in the drain.

Sometimes, a foreign object lodged in the pump leads to a buzzing or humming sound, as well. If you hear any odd sounds from your washer, call our washer repair specialists as soon as possible.

Washer Won’t Spin or Agitate

One of the main jobs of a washer is to spin and agitate to ensure your clothing gets washed properly and spun before it’s put in the dryer. When your washer isn’t spinning or agitating, it may be due to the load being too large.

However, if the load isn’t too large, you may have a problem with the lid switch, the drain pump, the motor, or the belts. If you’re facing this common washer issue, a skilled washer repair service will help get you back to normal.

Washer Won’t Turn On

Washer Repair

Sometimes, a washer simply won’t turn on. This can be a simple fix, but it can also be rather complicated.

The first thing to check is to make sure the washer is getting power. Check the breaker and the outlet, to ensure your machine is getting power. If it’s getting power, but won’t turn on, you may have a more serious issue.

The timer knob may not be working properly or the motor may be overheated. It’s also possible the lid witch isn’t being activated when the lid is shut. Our skilled washer repair technicians will fix any of these problems leading to your washer not turning on.

Not Properly Draining

Drainage problems are rather common with washers as the drain hose can become clogged or the pump can go bad. The first thing you want to do is check the drain hose for kinks and make sure any lint filter in the drain hose is not clogged.

If you’ve checked this and you still have an issue, it could be a failed drain pump. Getting the pump fixed or replaced will help get you back to normal fast.

Your Washer Smells

Mold and bacteria have a perfect environment to grow in the washer tub. In addition, washers will develop a “bio-film” which will always be damp. If the buildup gets too bad, it will begin to smell and that smell can spread to your laundry.

The easiest way to fix this is by running an empty load with detergent and hot water. However, if this doesn’t get rid of the smell, you may need to have your drain pump filter changed or cleaned.

Other common issues requiring washer repair include:

  • Detergent isn’t being dispensed
  • Washer doesn’t finish the cycle
  • Water won’t pump out during the spin cycle
  • The basket spins slowly
  • The washer door won’t lock properly

At South Florida Best Appliance & AC Repair, we fix all these common washer issues and more. If you’re having a difficulty with your washer, no matter the brand, call us at 954-701-1400. Our team of professional washer repair technicians will show up quickly with the right tools and parts to get you back up and running fast.